Residential Wheelchair Lifts

Vertical Platform Lifts

These units are available up to 14' of vertical travel with openings on 3 sides. They can either be set into a 3" pit or rest on your existing floor with a 3" ramp leading up to the platform for barrier free access.

43 inch gate - Upper Level.jpg

Platform lifts can be installed either indoors or outdoors with an enclosure by the manufacturer or enclosed with a structure that you create. These are a cost-effective accessibility solution for any structure including offices, homes and full commercial buildings.

By using an innovative 1:2 cable hydraulic lift or screw drives, these products are available in multi configurations to meet your requirements.

Upper Level Gate.jpg

Your unit comes standard with an emergency battery back-up system for lowering your lift in case of a power supply outage. We can also configure the battery to raise the unit as well! Additional safety features include In Car Stop Switch, Alarm Buzzer, Final Limit Switch, Anti-Slip Flooring and optional 2 way communication phone connections.

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