Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

Vertical Platform Lifts with Fire-Rated Doors

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Vertical Platform Lifts with NON Fire-Rated Doors

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Commercial wheelchair lifts are intended for all public and  private professional buildings including schools, universities, office  buildings, houses of worship and for common areas in multi-family dwelling  units. The wheelchair platform lift is the most popular alternative  to unsightly ramps and often overcome architectural barriers with cost  efficiency.  

Vertical Platform  Lifts (VPLs)

The commercial vertical platform lift requires an enclosure or shaftway  surrounding the wheel  chair lift with a maximum travel height of up 14 feet. 

There are two types of  hoistway enclcosures:


One option is a factory enclosed model, which comes self-contained with a wraparound,  non fire rated, hoistway enclosure, complete with gates, doors, interlocks and  controls.  Popular factory enclosures  include safety glass, Plexi-glass and metal panel enclosures, being either steel or aluminum for outdoor use.  

The other option is the onsite construction of masonry or stud drywall enclosure,  typically built by a general contractor base on engineered drawings provided by McNally.   Where the enclosure is built separately the configuration is often referred to as ‘hoistway by others.’

Key elements of the commercial vertical lift include the  following:

Platforms comes with 42” high guard panels, grab rail and a non-skid platform surface. Constant pressure up/down control buttons on the platform and constant pressure hall call control stations at each landing. FLUSH mounted doors & gates on the factory enclosed model comes standard with lower landing door and either an upper landing gate or full door.  Where the hoistway is built separately (also known as ‘hoistway by others’) flush doors are requiredat the upper and lower landings. 

Configuration of the platforms come standard with straight through entry and exit with options available for entry and exit on same side and 90 degree entry and exit. Most platforms available with either screw or hydraulic drives each having unique benefits and best applications

Commercial VPLs have the following features and functionality:

  • Car sizes up  to 18 sq feet including: 36” x 48”, 36” x 54”, 36” x 60” or 42” x 60”

  • Up to 14’  travel standard with up to three stops

  • Screw drives  and cable hydraulic lift systems available

  • Screw drives  typically run at 10 feet per minute (fpm) lift speed

  • Hydraulic  drive systems typically run at 20 fpm

  • 750 lbs load  capacity

  • Constant  pressure platform and hall controls

  • Wide range of safety features

  • Full  Height cab options with 30 fpm lift speed (see below)


Full Height Cab -         

If a more refined VPL is sought, we offer models with full height cabs  having a look more similar to a commercial LULA with 6’8” interior height,  suspended style ceiling, optional wood grain finishes and hydraulic  drive systems.  Full Height Cab systems, do retain many platform lift features such as constant pressure controls  and 14 foot maximum travel height.

Commercial  Wheelchair Lift Models

We carry a number of time-tested commercial wheel chair lift models from a  number of manufacturers including Savaria and Bruno.