Residential Elevators

A residential elevator will add value and convenience to your home. As multi-level homes become more popular than ever, a residential elevator makes sense when you are building a new home. If stairs are becoming a barrier, a residential elevator can allow you to stay in the home and neighborhood you love.

  • Travel up to 50 feet
  • Rated speed 40 feet per minute (fpm)
  • Cab openings available on 3 sides
  • Manual or power opening gates and doors
  • Custom interior finishes or trim out the cab yourself.
  • Interior window to line up with a window in your hoistway
  • Various drive systems available 
  • Two way 24 hour communication to our answering service 
  • Emergency battery operation to take you to the next floor


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Nearly invisible!

Your elevator can be designed to match the existing woodwork, cabinetry and hardware fixtures in your home. It can fit in a space as small as 4-1/2 by 4-1/2 feet. Many architects and builders are "roughing in" space for a future elevator that is used as a closet in the mean time. No two-story home should be built without this provision for the future.

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