Our Story

Jack & Katy McNally began McNally Elevator in 1950 to provide an elevator service company in the Kalamazoo area. Jack was a seasoned elevator mechanic who was brought into the trade by his father Tom McNally who was also an elevator mechanic. Tom McNally oversaw that company's local branch office throughout the depression years.

Jack and Katy also had 8 children of whom 4 followed his footsteps and took over his business after their passing. Joe McNally who is now Chairman of the Board leads the company to new heights as it continues to grow into it's 66th year of operation. Sister Mary Weaver has also helped evolve the business and take it from a pen and pencil organization to a modern computer based company that truly recognizes it employee's contribution. Joe's younger brother Tom E. McNally, has his elevator mechanic's license and is based in Grand Rapids and has overseen that office for the past 28 years.

McNally Elevator is now cultivating the fourth generation of this family business with Joe's and Carole's children Michael, Ryan and his daughter Melissa McCallister. 




Jack McNally was a business owner by trade, but a cartoonist by heart. Here’s a few of our favorite cartoons from the McNally Elevator family.

The McNally Elevator crew proudly servicing you today.

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